Shirt Tucker Belt Strap
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An untucked shirt looks messy and unprofessional and it is even more difficult to tuck it back in constantly. No worries about that! The Classy Belt Tie is the simplest and most effective way of keeping your shirt tucked against your body all day long!

This belt is a slim profile belt designed to keep your shirt in place, similar to the way your pants are held up by a normal belt. The belt will protect your shirt when put on and keep it hidden at all times, ensuring you can look professional no matter how often you travel all day long. Does not look any more awkward from now on!


  • TUCKED STAYS  Sit under your usual belt to keep your shirt in place so 
    you don't have to tuck in your shirt if it tucks out on its own. 
  • NO SLIP – Won't curl, move, or loosen even while in motion during use. You should forget about it once you've changed and get back to the job at hand.
  • STRETCHY  Comes with elastic that ensures comfort and 
    flexibility without any constraints to fit your every step.
  • ADJUSTABLE – Equipped with a unique locking mechanism which makes it easy to adjust for a more comfortable fit depending on your size.
  • NO DAMAGE – Holding clothes in place, but not tearing, scratching, or otherwise damaging them all the time making them look new.
  • STRONG LONGEVITY – Won't lose elasticity and it won't wear out the fastening clip and is immune to sweat, abrasion and regular usage.
  • BROAD RANGE  Can be used for dress shirts, polo shirts, 
    t-shirts and blouses, and is intended for men and women alike.
  • RELIABLE– No matter what you do, keep your shirt tucked all day! Get your own Classy Belt Buckle, and improve your appearance now!

Package Includes :
1x Classy Belt Strap

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